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Lisa’s Country Gourmet Home January News Letter


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Football and Cheesy Beer Dip!


Country Gourmet Homes Cheesy Beer Dip Mix!

It’s football season!  Our favorite time of the year.  Everyone is reaching for the snacks while watching Football games from there living rooms, to tailgating at your favorite College!  It’s time to stock up your pantry with Country Gourmet Home’s easy to prepare Dip Mixes!  Visit my store above to see more choices!   So easy to prepare with either sour cream, mayonaise or cream cheese.  Nice to have on hand for any occasion!   Want to BBQ something special, try coating chicken  or even fish and throw onto the BBQ for a different taste!  Or baste some flour tortilla’s with water, sprinkle your favorite seasoning on tortilla, slice into bite size chips and bake at 400 degrees on a baking stone for ten minutes or golden brown for an awesome tortilla chip!

Country Gourmet home – Pumpkin Wax Warmer


Country Bumpkin Wax Warmer



This adorable Wax Warmer plugs into any outlet and uses a bulb to warm your wax melt releasing a delightful fragrance into your home.    We have other wax warmers for sell as well.  Visit my site above to order your wax warmer and melts today!  Try our Country Bumpkin wax melt to accompany your Jack O Lantern wax warmer!


Country Gourmet Home’s Chocolate Chippers Cookie Mix


Simply Delicious!

Chocolate Chippers Cookie Mix is just one of seven cookies mixes I sell.  In a hurry, no problem, pull out the mix, add milk or water and bake for ten minutes and Ta Daaaa!!  Wonderful cookies that tastes like you spent all morning making!  Let Country Gourmet Home do the work for you.  Keep your pantry stocked with our mixes!  Chocolate Chippers sales for &7.95  You can order at my website:

All orders will be shipped directly to your door.