My name is Lisa.  I have been a stay at mom for a long long time!  =)  I am blessed and I have a lovely family that makes it easy to appreciate my “Work at Home” job more then anything!  I spent time in the working world before the kids came along and I loved it, but nothing matches up to the full time job of being a mom.  I was diagnosed years ago with Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease.  It’s been a battle, but one I will continue to fight and I refuse to let RAD define who I am.  I live each day as if it’s the last and I find that laughter is the best medicine and makes a day complete!

We are blessed to live only an hour from Yosemite and three hours from San Francisco.  We are tucked away in a small country/mountain community where life is simple.  I have five acres, two kids, a wonderful husband who supports all my adventures, chickens and a sweet lab named Josie.  Josie is my sidekick and follows me EVERYWHERE!!

I enjoy selling Country Gourmet Home products and hope that you will take the time to try the products to help simplify your busy lives!

Please visit my on line store at


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