Through the years…


A smile is worth a thousand words…

Sending you off to Kindergarten…

You smile has never fallen short of a billion dollar smile.  When you smile, people around you smile!  It’s one of my most precious treasures about you Nicole!  I’ll never forget your fist smile… everyone said, “Oh, she is too new to be smiling, it’s just gas.”  But I knew better baby girl… I knew that when your dad, brother and I spoke to you and told you how precious you were to our hearts… you smiled, and it came from you enormous loving heart!

Through the years, no matter what you continued to smile and teach us how important, how truly important each day is.  That it is a gift from God.   You taught us that God was an important part of our lives when you were four years old.  You lead us to church, you gave us courage when we were worried about you and your health… you gave us the strength we did not know we had Nicole.  All along when we thought we were teaching you… it was you teaching us.  God shines through you to others… cherish that always.

Watching you grow up through the years has been an absolute treasure to us.  If I could do it all over again, I would and I would not change a thing.  God has done a wonderful job writing your life story…  He wrote your story even before you were born and he knows it from start to finish.  There are so many more chapters of your life to enjoy Nicole.  Take each day, one day at a time and enjoy the wonderful moments and gain strength from the tough moments.  No one said life will be easy… but with God in your heart and family by your side, you can do anything!   It’s your senior year in High School… enjoy, have fun, work hard, stand tall and most of all, be the person that God so lovingly created.

“Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows the One Who is leading”


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