Country Gourmet Home’s Cheesy Beer Dip and Carmel Apple Cake Mix


Oh my goodness!  I am pleased to announce Country Gourmet Home’s Cheesy Beer Dip… it’s amazing!  I made this on Fathers day and served it to the family with pretzels and all enjoyed it until there was nothing left!

It can be prepared two different ways:

*  Dip;  add one cup sour cream, chill for one hour and serve with pretzels, french bread cubes or use as a spread on bagel chips, or anything you think tastes great with cheese!!

*  Hot Dip;  Microwave 16 oz cream cheese until warm, add mix and blend well.  Serve with chips or pretzels, bread… again, whatever you desire!!

You can taste a hint of beer, it’s a very nice creamy dip that brought smiles to everyone.  This dip sales for $3.75  Product number 462


Last night I prepared Country Gourmet Home’s Carmel Apple Cake.  Once again, I left the family with nothing but smiles and approval to make this cake again!  It had a wonderful carmel taste atop of a very moist apple cake.  This is made with real apples and the flavor will prove it!  Served this with Vanilla Ice Cream.  The only thing I had to add for the cake was water and for the topping I added butter and milk!  Very easy, wonderful to take along on Camping trips (if you have a trailer)

This was good warm and even cold the next day!  The Carmel Apple Cake Mix sales for $7.95 and is product number 737

To order Country Gourmet Home products please visit my website at:

Or email me at and in the subject line post CGH Catalog request.  I’d be happy to mail a catalog to you for easier ordering.  I know you’ll love all the Country Gourmet Home mixes and even one of a kind wax melts that we offer!!



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