Healthy Substitutes!


With my husband working for the CHP, we get a wonderful CAHP Health Benefits Newsletter each month.  It is loaded with wonderful healthy tips and ideas and I just wanted to take a moment and share a few fun tips with you!

*Use Mashed ripe bananas instead of fats  (butter, margarine, or shortening when baking).  The consistency is ideal, and bananas add nutrients such as potassium, fiber, and vitamin B6.

*Use Mashed turnips instead of Mashed potatoes.  One cup of mashed potatoes made with whole milk has about 180 calories.  A cup of mashed turnips (which does not require milk or butter for a creamy consistency) has about 50 calories!

*Use Mashed avocado instead of Mayonnaise.  A 2-tablespoon serving of mayonnaise has about 200 calories and 24 grams of fat.  Half of an avocado has about 115 calories and 10.5 grams of fat, and provides vatamin E and cholesterol checking mono-saturated fat.

*Use Pureed fruit instead of Syrup.  Pureed fruit has less sugar and more antioxidants and vitamins than traditional syrup.


Topping or mixing foods with condiments can make them tastier and healthier.    Try these tips:

*Garden fresh salsa can be a flavorful, low calorie and low fat source of beta carotene and vitamin C.  Use salsa to top meats and mix with vegetables.

*Fat free plain Greek Yogurt provides the flavor and texture of sour cream without the fat and calories.  The yogurt provides calcium and protein.  Try it on baked potatoes or as the base for dips.

*Chutney – a sweet, spicy relish of fruit, spices, sugar and vinegar.  It pairs well with meat, poultry and fish.  Chutney is fat free and full of antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals.


I hope you enjoyed these delicious sounding tips!  I know I am going to start using them right away.  It’s important to me to keep my family healthy  and to teach them that cooking healthy is easy and fun!

Stay tuned for my next post!  I’ll be making Homemade Healthy Potato Chips!  I’ll share the recipe with you as soon as I get the thumbs up from my biggest critics…. the family!!

God Bless and happy healthy eating!!


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