Life’s simple pleasures


Family… A Journey to Forever

There is nothing like watching your children grow up into beautiful, individuals.  They are so unique and have such special qualities all of there own.  Raising my two kids has been the best and most exciting and rewarding adventure that I have ever had.  We have had our share of ups and downs medically, but I think it’s made us so much stronger and closer as a family.  We lean on each other and we carry each other through our difficult times.

My son Kyle is 23 years old today.  My daughter Nicole just turned 18.  I no longer have children.  I have been looking forward to the next stages of our relationship where we become friends.  I’ll of coarse always be a mom, but now, they are both adults, making their own decisions and their own mistakes and im watching them work through everything just as I have taught them too.   Together we have learned that family is just not “blood”, it’s about opening up your heart and home to those who find you, lean on you and depend on your for guidance… our family has grown in numbers and we are so grateful for the love and comfort that we all bring each other!

There is no greater joy then family.  There happiness fills me to the brim with happiness, there love for life, their passion to help people and there confidence to just be true to themselves and shine.  I find myself gaining strength from their strength, happiness from their joy and excitement for their future.  It’s the simple pleasures of life that bring our family the most joy.  Im so very blessed to have Kyle, Nicole and their dad.  So very blessed.

My family is my inspiration, my strength and the heart of who I am!


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