Making the best out of the worst!


I have an amazing son.  I really want to share this as he may not think he is amazing.  But his mom does!  My son Kyle has experienced health issues for a lot of years, it’s not been easy.  Lots of ups and downs and dead ends and feeling like he was just a lost cause as far as the medical world viewed him.  He struggled with his health all through high school.  He was on Home Hospital for part of his junior and his senior year and had a lymph node biopsy just before his graduation.

As I sit in his hospital room and watch him go through all that he is going through and I reflect on the past which involved visits to ER,  emergency calls to the high school that my son was laying on the gym floor and his lips are blue he can’t breathe,  rushing him to the hospital late at night and coming across somebody’s accident and Kyle ending up in the ambulance that was met for someone else because Kyle could not breathe, specialists, biopsy’s, tests that he’d prefer to never repeat… I think about how he has handled it all.  He has left a trail of memories to those who have taken care of him.  He has made people smile and laugh through all of his pain.  For example, yesterday I was sitting in this very chair and Kyle in his hospital bed, the young man that mops the floors and empties the trash came in with a huge smile and said, “How ya doin buddy?” they began to chat… and chat… and chat.  This morning the same young man came back and said “Good morning buddy, you are still here?”  They had small talk again and the young man left with a huge smile. His dad walked into the room last night and asked how Kyle was doing, Kyle had the lap top on his lap and said, “im doing alright, just reading face book and seeing how many people are praying for me”, with a huge smile and a surprised look on his face.  Another example of my sons strength is while laying here he was having pain.  Nurses all day would ask his pain level, and then asked if he would like pain meds.  Kyle would think for a moment and with a smile say, “nahhhh, not right now”.  lol  Later in the afternoon when she came back and asked the pain level, he said with a smile, “ya know, im about an 8, maybe I should have some pain meds now.”  he chuckled!!  The nurse told him that she has never had a patient with the pain that he has been having for three days that has not wanted pain management!  lol  But he continues to make every person that walks in and out of this room, smile.  Just tells me one thing…. God is all over my son.  I have never been more proud of him in my life.  His strength amazes me, his grace and compassion for others is beautiful and I am a proud proud mom.  He may not ever be President of a company or drive a fancy car, but he has so much more that makes him shine brighter they any one I have ever known.  He is rich with love, respect and compassion and God.  He is right where God wants him to be I suppose, spreading sunshine to others who have the pleasure of crossing paths with him.  Im really very proud of my son Kyle.  Kyle, keep smiling, keep making others smile, it’s the best trait that one can own, and boy do you own it!!  I love you with all my heart, to the heavens and back.


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  1. Lisa, that was so beautiful I had tears streaming down my face. Kyle sounds like an amazing man with a huge love for God. You have to know that he’s the way he is not just because of God, but because he has mom who sets such a good example. 🙂

    • 🙂 Thank you Karen, that means a lot to me. It’s been the best job I have ever had as I am sure you can say the same. Funny, always wanted to be a nurse, I guess when you think about it, I am without the degree. I have been raising two kids, both of whom have had serious illnesses for 22 years. lol Crazy! Would not trade them in though… I think it has made us all stronger individuals. Thanks again for your very kind words.

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