Ready for Spring!!


My favorite time of the year is Spring time.  The temperatures are perfect for someone with RA.  Not to hot and not to cold!  Mid 70’s… perfecto!!  Last week we had snow, wind, rain, thunder and lightening.  Today it’s mid 70’s, sun is shining, the falls are rushing and it’s just beautiful outside.  Loving it!  I was able to take Mustang Sally out of the garage and take her for a spin today… like I said, perfecto!!  I know this may not last, that rain may come back and the possibility of more snow is there… BUT, that did not stop me from setting up my front porch.  Setting up the front porch always makes me happy…  I love redecorating outside.  The only thing missing are my flowers… not quite ready to go buy them yet, but almost!!  And Brad and I do need to sand down and re-stain the deck badly.  Here is a little peak of my porch… it’s a cozy place to sit and have morning coffee while watching the chickens run around and enjoy their morning!

So after setting up my porch and enjoying it with a glass of ice tea, I went back into my kitchen and created a tasty salad.  I LOVE avacado’s,  and wanted to make a different salad.  So I searched the kitchen and gathered my other favorites… feta, tomato’s, real bacon bits, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar.  It was so tasty!  Now… what to call it???




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