Simple Mixes for Camping!


While I am so fortunate to have a trailer to cook and sleep in, many folks still enjoy camping with their tents or even sleeping under the stars!  Cooking when camping can often be a challenge… but Country Gourmet Home makes camping out really easy.  You can still feed your family a healthy meal while camping with very few ingredients.  I would love to mail you a catalog or have you visit my website on line to check out all the choices we offer to make cooking simple and quick with some mixes only calling for water!

Cheesy Beer Soup is a very simple dish to make, as you only add water.  You can cook this right over the camp fire, or in your trailer.  Wonderful, vibrant tasting Beer Soup is perfect with a loaf of french Bread!

Creamy Potato Soup is another amazing Soup.  Just add water to this Mix and you have a very rich and creamy soup ready to go in minutes!  Amazing with one of our many choices of Beer Bread Mixes!  We have many many dips and sauces to choose from as well.  Our dips are amazing with fresh fruit, vegetables and crackers.  Perfect item to bring along on a camp out!!

Our cookies mixes and cobblers are also the perfect to pack for your camping trip!  They make up quick and taste amazing!!

  Check out my catalog ASAP and get your camping mixes ordered quickly!   You’ll be glad that you did, these mixes make life so much easier!  After all, you are going on vacation, you should not have to slave over the stove or camp fire!! 

You can visit my website at:


Place your order on line and use my name as your consultant, or you may order by phone.  Your products will be delivered right to your door in under two weeks.    Happy Trails!

“When all’s said and done, all roads lead to the same end.  So it’s not so much which road you take, as how you take it.”  Charles de Lint


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  1. That’s funny because I had just said something to a friend of mine how easy the chili would be to make while camping using the Dutch Oven.

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