In a hurry… Try Chocolate Chippers Cookie Mix!


We all find ourselves in a hurry from time to time and our kids telling us last minute they are having friends over, or I need cookies for a class party today!!  Whatever the reason, I have found it so helpful to keep Country Gourmet Home Mixes in my pantry!  Chocolate Chippers Cookie Mix is so simple and so tasty, you can not have enough of it!!  All you need to add is water or milk!!

Simply pour mix into a mixing bowl and add water or milk and mix together.

Then drop by spoonfuls onto your cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 8 to 10 minutes

And here is your finished product!!  They are wonderful and took all of thirty minutes from start to  finish!!   That includes clean up time!!

To order Chocolate Chippers Cookie Mix or any other of my Country Gourmet Mixes go to

We offer everything from dinner mixes, baking mixes, side dishes, seasonings, drink mixes, soup mixes, dessert mixes, pasta mixes and much much more!!  Check out our wax melts and Wickless Warmers too!!

Go on line and you can place your order and it’ll come right to your doorstep!

Let me know how you enjoy your products!


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