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Simple Mixes for Camping!


While I am so fortunate to have a trailer to cook and sleep in, many folks still enjoy camping with their tents or even sleeping under the stars!  Cooking when camping can often be a challenge… but Country Gourmet Home makes camping out really easy.  You can still feed your family a healthy meal while camping with very few ingredients.  I would love to mail you a catalog or have you visit my website on line to check out all the choices we offer to make cooking simple and quick with some mixes only calling for water!

Cheesy Beer Soup is a very simple dish to make, as you only add water.  You can cook this right over the camp fire, or in your trailer.  Wonderful, vibrant tasting Beer Soup is perfect with a loaf of french Bread!

Creamy Potato Soup is another amazing Soup.  Just add water to this Mix and you have a very rich and creamy soup ready to go in minutes!  Amazing with one of our many choices of Beer Bread Mixes!  We have many many dips and sauces to choose from as well.  Our dips are amazing with fresh fruit, vegetables and crackers.  Perfect item to bring along on a camp out!!

Our cookies mixes and cobblers are also the perfect to pack for your camping trip!  They make up quick and taste amazing!!

  Check out my catalog ASAP and get your camping mixes ordered quickly!   You’ll be glad that you did, these mixes make life so much easier!  After all, you are going on vacation, you should not have to slave over the stove or camp fire!! 

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Place your order on line and use my name as your consultant, or you may order by phone.  Your products will be delivered right to your door in under two weeks.    Happy Trails!

“When all’s said and done, all roads lead to the same end.  So it’s not so much which road you take, as how you take it.”  Charles de Lint


Country Gourmet Home’s Spring/Summer Catalog is here!


I’d love to send you one of my Country Gourmet Home Catalogs.  It’s full of mixes that will be sure to make your busy lives easier!  Our company has been helping families put meals on the table since 1996.  We have many different mixes to choose from and even mixes that “just add water”.

Country Gourmet is a family owned premier direct seller of high quality, easy to make gourmet food mixes which include dip mixes, dinner mixes, dessert mixes, seasonings, soup mixes and more!  Our commitment to quality insures we provide a product you can trust!

Our mixes are hand made mixes from the finest quality gourmet ingredients using real fruit, real vegetables, premium spices and seasonings and if that isn’t enough, all of our products contain NO MSG!  Most of our mixes only require the addition of one or two ingredients, cutting your time in the kitchen and making your life easier.

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Lisa’s Roasted Asparagus


This is my favorite way to cook and enjoy Asparagus.  Checks out well with the family as well, which we all know is important!  My daughter Nicole enjoys it so much that she often prepares this for me while I’m working on the rest of our meal.  Easy, tasty and very healthy!!


1 bunch of Asparagus

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

2 crushed cloves Garlic (or dried works well)

1 Tablespoon Basil

1/2 cup Bread Crumbs

Parmesan Cheese or Asiago Cheese Shredded

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees

Wash and dry your Asparagus and then lay Asparagus onto your cookie sheet.  Sprinkle Asparagus with Olive Oil,  salt and pepper, Garlic and Basil.  Cover with Bread crumbs.

Cook uncovered for 7 to 10 minutes.  Take out of oven and grate your cheese of choice over the top of asparagus and place back into the over until melted.  Serve immediately while hot.

It’s a healthy way to eat vegetables without the butter or Mayo!  Hope you and your family enjoy this recipe.

In a hurry… Try Chocolate Chippers Cookie Mix!


We all find ourselves in a hurry from time to time and our kids telling us last minute they are having friends over, or I need cookies for a class party today!!  Whatever the reason, I have found it so helpful to keep Country Gourmet Home Mixes in my pantry!  Chocolate Chippers Cookie Mix is so simple and so tasty, you can not have enough of it!!  All you need to add is water or milk!!

Simply pour mix into a mixing bowl and add water or milk and mix together.

Then drop by spoonfuls onto your cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 8 to 10 minutes

And here is your finished product!!  They are wonderful and took all of thirty minutes from start to  finish!!   That includes clean up time!!

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Let me know how you enjoy your products!

Recognizing when one of your flock is sick and what to do


While raising chickens is easy and often only requires, feeding, watering and cleaning, there are times one will become ill or injured.  You need to pay close attention to behavioral changes.    If you do detect behavioral or physical changes in your chicken, such as lack of activity, loss of appetite that lasts more then two days, it’s best to isolate your chicken away from the other chickens.  Go on line and you can find a “Physical Exam for Chickens” for a head to toe inspection.  It’s really helpful and has helped me detect an illness in two of my chickens.    Chickens are remarkably resilient and should recover well from significant illness or trauma.

If you decide your chicken is sick and you keep her with the others, eventually the others will start to peck and attack your sick chicken.  They know when one is ill and it stresses them badly.  It’s there nature to peck and eventually kill the sick chicken.  So always start by placing the ill chicken in a medium size dog crate away from the other chickens if possible.  If not possible, then place a barrier around her in your coop if you have room.  Provide warmth from a heat lamp (optimum temperature for a sick bird is 80 to 85 degrees), food and water for her and plenty of shavings or hay for her to get comfy!  Confinement calms the sick chicken and allows her a better chance at recovery.  It also allows you to see how much food and water she is consuming and evaluate her droppings, which will help you diagnose her illness.   Change her bedding twice a day at least.  If possible keep the carrier indoors near you so you can keep an eye on her.  They like the company too.  If they spend to much time alone, they can become depressed quickly.  I know, sounds silly, but that is what the experts say!

Your chicken should be taking in about 1/2 cup of water a day.  If not she can quickly become dehydrated which makes it hard for the movement of food through the digestive tract due to lack of lubrication and tissue elasticity.  You can test for dehydration by slightly pinching loose skin or wattle.  If the skin holds the shape where you pinched instead of immediately springing back, that is an indication of dehydration.  You can offer electrolytes to their water (bought at any feed store).  Another option is Pedialyte or Gatorade bought at your local grocery store.

Hand feeding may be necessary if they will not eat on their own.  Mix a past of hand-feeding powder like Nupreen hand feeding formula with an electrolyte solution.  You may have to pry open the beak and put a finger full of paste into the corner of the upper/lower beak.  Make sure the swallow before repeating.  Wrapping them into a towel while holding them, helps hold them without hurting them, as it restrains them better.

Some healthy fresh foods high in nutrition to try are cucumbers, romaine, grapes, melon, oranges, etc.  Hard boiled eggs mashed shell and all are extremely nutritious and delicious to birds as well.  Cooked brown rice is also good for them and they love it.

If your chicken has not improved with this care and you happen to notice that her Comb is purple, chances are that her heart is failing.  Could be from age, deformity, or poisoning.  Best thing is to put her down.   I highly recommend not spending money on a vet, chickens are very very inexpensive while vet bills are very very high!  As much as we love our chickens, they are replaceable.

In the above photo, you will notice her Comb is not bright red as it should be, it has turned purple and has shrunk in size, indicating heart failure.  She is holding my finger tightly and seems to have found some comfort in that as every time I pulled it away, she got restless, when I would give it back to her, she clung on tightly.  Also you will notice her eyes are closed.  It took to much energy for her to open her eyes.   Needless to say, we layed Dunken down this day.

Finally, it is really important to clean out the roosting boxes weekly.  It keeps them clean from disease and prevents spread of infectious conditions if that is the case.   By doing this, you are sure to raise happy and healthy chickens!


At the end of the day… just look up and be thankful


View from my kitchen Window… so blessed with amazing sunsets!

Living with an Auto Immune Disease is difficult.  Some days harder then others.  I pride myself on waking up each day and just thanking my Father for all the precious gifts in my life.  I have an amazing family and a few very dear friends.  That is all it takes to get me through.  As long as they understand me and continue to love me for who I am, what more does one need?  It’s been difficult though, even for my family to understand my life with RA.  I have seen friends come, and watched them go, partly I think because I can’t keep up with them and their active lifestyles, or that they don’t know about my disease (they think they do) and they don’t want to take time to learn about it and what it really does to my day to day life.

I have found that a key part to my emotional health when dealing with this chronic illness is getting support from others.  While it is very difficult to talk about, it’s necessary!  You deserve the support that you give your friends and family too!

When communicating about your disorder with friends and family, being honest is the best way to go!  Opening up about your condition will give them the opportunity to understand you better.  Start by giving them the facts.  Just hearing that you have a chronic, serious condition can be difficult for your family and friends.  They may not want to believe that you are sick.  And their denial can feel like they just don’t care to you… which normally is so far from the truth.  Focus on educating your family and friends (your support group) on your illness and point them to resources, such as Web sites or organizations focused on your specific condition.  Often you will get a variety of emotions back, denial, anger, frustration and sadness, especially when it comes to hearing about challenges in your everyday life and it’s uncertainties that lie ahead for you.  But with time, and communication they will accept it and be more understanding of it.  And for those “friends or family” members that don’t take the time to learn or understand and think they have you all figured out as being lazy and a whiner… let it go.  Remember, love is unconditional.  : )

By being open with your support group, it’ll be easier for you to ask for help when you need it.  But remember to choose your words wisely when asking for help.  Tell them that you are feeling weak on this particular day and could really use some help, instead of accusing them that they always expect things from you without taking into consideration that you are not well.  If you have the right support group, they will understand when you are feeling physically or emotionally vulnerable.  And it makes it so much easier and you have less guilt at the end of the day, because you have been open and honest with the people that love you the most and understand you.

So many people I know that suffer from “invisible illnesses” choose not to talk about it with their friends and families, and I feel that they suffer that much more… and alone!  You don’t deserve to go through this alone.  Nobody does.  The only difference with Auto Immune Disease and Cancer, there are no cures for Auto Immune Diseases.  People with cancer don’t hide.  They get support, and that support often times pulls them through, and if by some chance it does not pull them through… well they have passed away with the love and support from those who love them.

I choose to talk about my disease, and I choose to support others with Chronic Illness, and encourage them to share.   You never know who you may help along the way.  Now you can choose to love me… or leave me!  Your choice…. I got all I need at the end of each day.

Southern Living’s Tomato Florentine Soup


This soup is by far one of the absolute best soups I have ever had!!  This is on my family’s “MAKE AGAIN” list!  Always a compliment when all three decide this is a “do again” recipe!!  I made this up last night with some Homemade Sourdough bread sprinkled with Asiago Cheese and broiled until golden brown.  Delicious!!

Favorite part of making this recipe… EASY and CROCKPOT!!  Love my Slow Cooker!  It was a snowy day yesterday, my RA was flaring up and I just did not feel good.  So throwing this together in the morning and having it all done when everyone got home from their busy day was perfect!!


3 cups chicken broth

2 (14 1/2 oz) cans diced tomatoes with basil, oregano, and garlic, undrained

1 (15 oz) can tomato sauce

1 (10 oz) package frozen chopped spinach, thawed and well drained

1 cup chopped onion

1 1/2 tsp minced garlic

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1 (9oz) package refrigerated cheese filled tortellini

Garnish with shredded Parmesan Cheese

1.  Combine first 8 ingredients in a 4 qt slow cooker.

2.  Cover and cook on LOW 5 1/2 hours; add pasta, and cook on LOW 30 more minutes.  Garnish with Parmesan Cheese, if desired.  This makes about 10 cups.

I added more tortellini then it called for.  It was a delicious and hearty winter dinner!  I would love to know if you tried this recipe and what you thought!!