Homemade Pasta


I’ve been on this “Home made” kick lately.  Enjoying every moment and every bite of it too!!  I think my family thinks they have died and gone to heaven with all my cooking experiments lately!   I went shopping, bought myself a very basic Pasta Maker by Imperia, came home and got down to work!  It was so much easier then I ever imagined.  I know that my Nonni (grandma) is looking down upon me with a big smile and saying, “Mangia, Mangia”  lol.  She was an excellent cook, and lets just say that her dinner table was like an endless buffet of food, and she wanted every last crumb gone!

I strongly encourage you all to give this a try!  You’ll be so proud of yourself and you will taste the difference between store bought and freshly made pasta!

To start I cleaned my cooking surface with my “Eco friendly” surface cleaner, Tough and Tender (that I also sell if anyone is interested!)

Then I gather my ingredients… all four of them!

Two eggs

Two cups of flour

pinch of salt

water if needed

 Place flour onto your cooking surface and make a deep well.  Place two eggs into the well and whisk well.  Once  you have the eggs mixed well, begin to mix with your hands, until well blended.

Flour your surface and begin to knead for about 8 to 10 minutes.  Shape it into a ball and wrap with saran wrap and cover.  Let dough rest in a cool place for about half hour.  (do not put in refrigerator)

While dough is resting, set up your pasta maker.  Take dough and knead for a few more minutes and divide into four equal parts.  Make sure you keep the portions wrapped while working with another so it does not dry out.  If it does dry out some, add a little bit of water at a time to get the consistency that you desire.  Roll out a section of dough so that it is ready to put through the pasta maker.

Once Rolled out, you are going to put the dough through the roller of the pasta maker, approx five times.  Start at the widest setting and run through a few times.  Then make your setting a little smaller, run pasta through a few times and repeat until you have the pasta as thin as desired.

Now it’s time to choose which type of pasta you are preparing.  I chose spaghetti.  As the pasta is coming through, take a hold of it before it completely drops to the work surface.  You can then hang it to dry, or lay it out on the counter to dry.   Add a sprinkle of cornmeal to the spaghetti to keep it from sticking together while drying.   Some people choose to cook it right away, which is fine either way!   Add salt to your water for flavor and to keep it from sticking together during cooking.

I know that you and your family will love the end results, mine sure did.

Bon appetit!!


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  1. I use the same method, and I have the same pasta maker! I mostly make hand-cut pappardelle and sheet pasta for ravioli, though; last time I tried spaghetti it gummed up in the machine and was kind of a disaster.

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