How to boil the perfect egg


Have you ever tried to peel a boiled egg, and it turns out to be an ugly mess?  What I have learned is that the older the egg, the better it is for boiling and easier to peel!  So save your fresh eggs for cooking and baking and use the older ones to Hard Boil.

Grocery store eggs are normally about a month old by the time they get to your home.  Farmers market eggs are usually locally grown, under a week old.  They also have no additives which is nice!  It’s always nice to support your local farmers!   You can also choose to raise your own chickens as I did.  It’s fun and you know that you are serving your family only the freshest eggs!

Hard Boiled Eggs

In a 4 qt pot, carefully place one dozen eggs (or however many you wish to boil) in the bottom of the pot.  Cover with just enough COLD water to completely cover the eggs.  This will ensure your eggs will not crack when boiled.  Place on the stove top on medium heat, and bring to a slow boil.  Once the water starts to boil, set the timer for exactly 10 minutes.  When the timer goes off, remove the pot of eggs and set in sink.  Run lukewarm water over the eggs, letting it spill over until you can touch the water in the pot and it is tepid.  This will stop the eggs from cooking.  Remove the eggs immediately from water, and place in refrigerator.  They will be good to peel in about 15 minutes after being chilled, or you can leave them in there for up to four days to snack on for breakfast or lunch!!


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