Country Gourmet Home Wick – Less Collection




Our original “Mr. Momz” wickless wax melt packages come with decorative country fabric ties.  Each package contains six cubes of the same scent.   We also sale a variety of Wickless Warmers.

Scents are all priced at $3.99 each

Wickless Warmers from $12. 75 to $23.95

We offer:

31 scents in Aroma & Herbal

17 scents in Earth

27 scents in Bakery Scents

34 scents in Seasonal

22 scents in Special Blends & Duplicates

22 scents in Floral

29 scents in Fruits

Please feel free to stop by my on line store and do some shopping!!  You will love these scents that last for days!  While there, stop and check out all the choices in mixes (even low sugar mixes)  that I offer to simplify your life!

Thank you and God Bless!


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