Hello World!


I am so excited to be in the blogging world once again…  it’s been a while since I have blogged and some things have changed!  Home Made Gourmet sold and I decided to work for another Company called Country Gourmet Home as a Consultant.  I am very excited to be working for this company that will soon be based out of Idaho.  To me, being a Country Gourmet Home Consultant is much more then just selling food mixes, decor and some fun lil’ extras.  I’d like to make it more about bringing families back to the table at the end of each day.  I’d like to stress the importance of “family” time, where kids and parents can share there day along side of a good home cooked healthy meal.  So many of us today are working parents who just don’t have time to come home after a long day and take an hour or two to prepare a home cooked meal for the kids.  That is where I can tell you, that CAN change!  Country Gourmet Home is just the place for you, where you can make this happen.  We offer food mixes that take only moments of your time to put together.  The meals are fabulous, fun to put together and your family will be well fed and happy to be sitting at the dinner table together!

With my new Blog adventure I will demonstrate the Country Gourmet Home meals through photos and step by step instructions so you can see first hand how easy these are to prepare and see the outcome with your own eyes.  Taste is then up to you!!  You can trust me when I say these meals are worth a try!  I consider my family to be picky eaters and they are my best critics!

So please “follow” me on this new journey of sharing food, love, inspiration and family.  I’m looking forward to bring these products to you and sharing my “country life” with you as well.  Lets “Simplify” our lives together, get back to the kitchen table and enjoy family values that have been lost in the hustle and bustle of our busy days.  After all, our families are growing up and we only have a short time together, so lets make each moment last!


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